We are big users of ScanPod3D (Vismach Technology) 3D foot scanners. We have more than 100 scanners. 70 of the scanners are the old model LSR-3. We have 30 of the new model USOL foot scanners which are a big improvement. Smaller, lighter with a toe laser. The lasers at the heel and toe are important for us to get the subtalar neutral position with the semi weight bearing scan. We use the plantar 3D scanners to obtain foot images for designing custom bespoke orthotic insoles. We make more than 300 scans per day.

The new USOL scanner has given us no problems. We are installing these new units in remote areas where reliability is important.

Wei Shi the leader of ScanPod3D (Vismach Technology) gives us exceptional after sale service. Emails are answered immediately!! He makes every effort possible to keep our scanners running.

We are ordering another 20 USOL 3D foot scanners at this writing.

Thomas A. Case, Ph.D., CEO
Pes Sem Dor
Sao Paulo, Brasil