XPOD-SS 3D Laser Full-Foot Scanner
Fast true 3D laser scan of both feet with color texture.
Auto landmark, measurement, and diagnostic
Custom shoes and orthotic insoles for foot clinics and retail stores

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XPOD-SS Hardware

  • Full-foot dual-foot 3D with color non/semi/full-weight
  • Foam Impression and Casts; shoe last within 330mm
  • Speed 3.2s one-way for 3D for both feet
  • PC i5-6200U 8G minimum; i5-8250U/1135G7 16G better
    No requirement on GPU. Integrated GPU OK
    At least 2 separate USB2.0 -A or -C ports
  • Normal indoor lighting, no dark room
  • Clean 3D mesh, +/- 1.0mm accuracy
  • Scan Volume 330L X 130W X 115H mm
  • Size: 520L X 510W X 220H mm
  • Weight: 16.5Kg (37Lb)
  • Load Capacity: 180 Kg (400Lb)
  • Power adapter AC 100-240V; DC 12V/5A
  • Customizable panels design and color
  • CE/FDA/PSE/BIS certification/registration
  • One-year limited warranty

Standard UPOD Software

  • Win10 only, doesn’t support Win7/8
  • Auto 30 Landmark and 43 Measurements
  • Auto diagnostic for arch type, hallux valgus, and heel angle
  • Mark landmarks on foot then drag points to locations
  • Customizable foot report template with manual annotations
  • Export to STL/WRL, JPG/PNG, PDF report, CSV data files
  • FTP send order to shoe/insole fabrication
  • Customize UI skin and icon color for a different look
  • Customize software logo, sell your own brand
  • Customize UI language to your local language
  • After save directly open your own website
  • Developers: CMD/EXE call scanner to receive data-
    -integration into your own CAD software and database
  • Encrypt scanners to lock file format


XPOD-SS Standard Configuration

  • Included: Scanner body, USB2.0 Cables (X2), Power Adapter (12V5A), and software license dongle (blue)
  • User supply: Laptop or desktop PC with keyboard/mouse/monitor (1080P or better)

XPOD-SS Pedestal Configuration

  • Included: Scanner body, USB2.0 Cables (X2), Power Adapter (12V5A), software license dongle (blue), and Pedestal
    Pedestal has VESA mounting holes (100X100mm) for PC and monitor
    Mini-PC to be mounted behind the monitor
    Pedestal is disassembled to reduce shipping size. Weight is 5KG
  • User Supply: Touch Monitor (1080P or better), Mini-PC (Intel NUC 8th , 10th , 11th Gen or equivalent)


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