Small and light. Reliable after years of field use worldwide. Fast true 3D laser scan. Auto landmark, measurement, and diagnostic. Custom shoes and orthotic insoles fabrication for foot clinics. Prefab shoes and orthotic insoles selection for retail stores.

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USOL Features (New)

  • More measurement metrics
  • More accurate Arch Index
  • More elaborate PDF report
  • Direct to FTP sending file after Save
  • Double-Scan mode: Relaxed/Corrected for Before/After compare
  • Scan Modes allow exposure value change
  • Customize PDF report format
  • Automatically identify 2 met points if blue markers are placed
  • Much more reliable hardware design
  • Much easier repair/replacement of parts (on-site)
  • Foldable heel camera with laser on USOL
  • Front vertical toe laser help align foot/ankle
  • Supports normal scan speed with low-cost CPU
  • Wechat/Facebook integration (to be finished…)

USOL Features (carried over from LSR/LSR-DUO)

  • Auto diagnostic for arch type, hallux, and heel (manual)
  • Mark landmarks on foot then drag points to match
  • Foot report with manual annotations
  • Export to STL/WRL, JPG/PNG, PDF report, CSV data files
  • FTP send order to orthotic insole/shoe fabrication
  • Change interface language to your local language
  • Customize software logo, sell your own brand
  • Customize RX form for custom shoe/insole
  • For programmers: CMD/TCP call scanner to receive dataintegration into your own CAD software and database
  • Encrypt scanners to lock files
  • Custom top plate and side panel design


Foot/Foam Box/Plaster CastYes/Yes/Yes
Foot: Non/Full/Semi-WeightYes/Yes/Yes
Indoor Lighting ConditionsYes, no darkroom or shielding required. But should avoid direct sunlight.
3D AccuracyClean 3D Mesh. +/-1.0mm. USOL has better 3D resolution.
3D output file STL/WRL Color Texture (Round-Trip)Yes/Yes. WRL supports color texture on 3D file.
Yes. A unique feature not found on other 3D foot scanners.
Heel Camera/Heel Laser/Toe LaserYes/Yes/Yes
Size (mm) / Weight(Kg)490*230*69 /4.7
Scan Volume (mm)330*140*80
Load Capacity180 Kg
Minimum CPU
---Normal Speed Scan
---High Speed Scan
Minimum RAM
USB Port 2.0 or 3.0

Atom Z8350 (2.9 sec)
I5-6200U (1.9 sec)
Windows 7/8/10No/No/Yes. Win10 only
Power Supply (adapter)100~240V 50/60HZ AC to DC 12V/3.0A. Worldwide compatible. Major country plug types are provided.
Warranty (Limited)1 Year (per warranty statement)


USOL Standard: Scanner, Power Adapter, USB Cable (White), Foot Switch, Heel Camera (folding with laser). Same as LSR standard config.
USOL Floor: USOL Standard + Toe Laser, Side Steps (Pair).
USOL Vertical: USOL Standard + Toe Laser, Folding Frame (wheels) and VESA Bracket, Mounting position for supine or prone, Height adjustable 500-1000mm, chair to recliner, Heel Camera records heel position, Heel and Toe laser help to control foot posture.



3D Scanner of foot plantar and full-foot CADCAM for orthotic insoles and shoe lasts Pressure tech for foot biomechanics Pure tech company. All solid and no fluff Canadian-owned business

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